A New Blogging Year

January 1, 2014: At Coney Island in 33 degrees, waiting to jump in the water along with Team Red, White, and Blue and Team Rubicon for the annual Polar Bear Plunge

January 1, 2014: Freezing at Coney Island in 33 degrees, waiting to jump in icy water along with Team Red, White, and Blue & Team Rubicon for the annual Polar Bear Plunge. Brr.

I started blogging last year because I had some things to say, but wasn’t sure if a blog was the way to go or not. But because of you–the thousands of readers from an astonishing 75 different countries who have visited, commented, and subscribed to True Boots–this has been an overwhelming success.

My 2013 was fantastic, and you came along with me on True Boots:

— I got home from my third tour in Afghanistan

— I hit the road and the trail in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and New York

— I highlighted some great work and great happenings with organizations like Warrior Writers, Exit 12 Dance Company, the Truman National Security Project, the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, and Team Rubicon

— I took on subjects like women in combat, the Taliban, the future for Afghan women, the crisis in Syria, elections in Pakistan and New York City, evolving policy with Iran, upheaval in Egypt, Obamacare, veterans’ mental health, sexual harassment in the military, government conspiracies, and accounting problems in the Afghan National Army

— I gave a try at food blogging

— I shared some of my experiences with Team Rubicon, helping with disaster relief in the Philippines

According to my WordPress stats, my top most-read posts of 2013 were:

  1. “The Favored Daughter”: An Unstoppable Afghan Woman
  2. Chicago Dispatch: Defense Entrepreneurs Conference
  3. The “Oh Hell No” Intervention: Changing Incentives on Sexual Assault in the Military
  4. My Obamacare Experience

My favorite key word search leading readers to my blog was “true boots of speed.” (I may have to develop a blog post with that title.) Other key word searches were about what you’d expect, but there were a few weird standouts:

  • “toiletry stockpile for a year”
  • “godzilla conspiracy”
  • “why do afghan women come out at night”
  • “sexeuel-boots-hell”

My best, least-read posts from 2013 that you might’ve missed:

I appreciate everyone reading, commenting, sharing, subscribing, and otherwise interacting with True Boots. Life is busy, but you’ve chosen to spend some of your valuable time on what I have to say. Thank you. 

Here’s to 2014 with more True Boots!

8 thoughts on “A New Blogging Year

  1. CONGRATS!!! I don’t consent that often just cause I enjoy just reading but I guess with blogs it’s a different creature than the novel in that reader participation helps expand the blog as well. So, I have enjoyed your blogs since you told me about it at Warrior Writers and the WordPress app makes it easy as helk to keep up to date and look at previous blogs you’ve done. Keep up the great work.


  2. Great snapshot! I have read the article which involves our country – Philippines and then read some of your post and subscribed to True Boots. I feel connected to you now! Hugs! 🙂


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